Minimalism. Line drawings.

Minimalism. Line drawings.

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Line drawing on card stock paper by artist Joleen Jordaan.

All framed (black frame) and 21cm x 26cm.

Some thoughts from the artist on each piece.

No milk, no sugar: An expression of our raw self. The figure glares directly at us with confidence and certainty. You need to know yourself in order to be certain of yourself. Our raw self can only be exposed once we get rid off our condiments. Black coffee is the rawest form of drinkable coffee. Once you get used to the taste I can guarantee that you’ll never add condiments to your coffee again! Similar to black coffee which may seem bitter at first, our raw self may not seem as appealing or “sweet”. Once we start accepting ourselves the “sweet” additives we use to project will be unnecessary.

None of your business: Social media has made it possible for anyone to have an opinion on your actions and vice versa. A total stranger’s opinion has the power to ruin your day. Don’t take every opinion seriously. At the end of the day your life is none of their business!

Solitary soul: A portrait of a solitary soul. She craves a harmonious world where personal-freedom is the norm instead of social conformity. If we choose to look beyond social pressures placed on us by society, personal-freedom is possible.

Away we flow: The more we try to live up to impossible societal standards, the more we start to deteriorate. Myself and many of my friends have fallen into this toxic cycle. Nobody is perfect, but somehow social media has convinced us that perfect is necessary for acceptance. We flow away from ourselves and our health to reach the unreachable.

My own queen: Be your own queen by being yourself. Own your actions, don’t let others justify them for you. Obtain your confidence from your self-perception not other’s compliments. Strive to be your best self.

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