Jürgen Dünhofen
Jurgen Dunhofen

Jürgen Dünhofen

My work regards the act of pausing and observing the world through installations as indicative of the struggle of focusing on the ‘here and now’.

The busied mind leaves little space for such reflection.

Jürgen Dünhofen – the artist

Jürgen Dünhofen creates installations. These installations include sculptures made out of wood or metal and have a focus on lenses. Just as importantly, he incorporates expressionistic ink drawings that make use of fine mark making as well as painting with traditional ink.

Key themes of his work include mindfulness, perception, meditation, awareness of emotions and transitions. The works speaks of a search for balance and happiness. His aim is to provide a platform for experiences.

He has participated in five art residencies, namely Artist Residency TEMI, Cheongju Art Studio, Palbok Factory of Contemporary Art, Hongti Art Center YARD Residency.

He has participated in various group exhibitions such as Jikji, The golden seed, commemorating the first movable metal type face as well as holding a solo exhibition at Project Space Sarubia (Seoul) titled: Interlinked
Dialogues: Myopia.

Dünhofen studied under Jane Alexander and Gavin Young while completing his Bachelor’s degree at The Michaelis School of Fine Art.

He currently works and lives in Cape Town.

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