Joleen Jordaan

Joleen Jordaan

In observing the work of self-taught, city-born Cape Town artist Joleen Jordaan, the immediate effect is one of truthfulness. At the age of 22, the artist adds a new face to the movement of contemporary painting.

She is a no-nonsense, strongly soft-hearted soul with a fiery compassion for those around her, and is adamant in expressing that through her medium, believing that the process of discovering your work is more important than presenting it. With a focus on the conceptual element of her paintings, Jordaan makes use of symbolism and themes to express societal views. Her youth allows for a flexibility in style that perfectly reflects what it means to grow in your art. Her potential can be seen in how easily she adapts to every new work she creates, refusing to conform to a style, but to use its underlying conceptual elements to be seen through the technique applied.

Her work is influenced by raw human behaviour and interaction, discovering the essence of what it means to be human through her work. Jordaan wishes to express the importance of simple human interaction, compared to the messy, disillusioned view that social media creates. Her work reflects a similar desire to strip away the pretence and expose the soul. Jordaan’s work exposes a slightly surreal atmosphere in which the muse is often a familiar figure in her life.  Following the process of discovery through creation, Jordaan paints what she observes and feels, rather than sticking to a prescribed pattern, allowing pure emotion to be expressed.

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