See the artists whose work is showcased here on Bluewall Gallery. Different styles and different stories, there’s someting for everyone to connect with.

Joleen Jordaan

In observing the work of self-taught, city-born Cape Town artist Joleen Jordaan, the immediate effect is one of truthfulness. At the age of 22, the…

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Phemo Matlhabe

without complaining blossoms give birth to sweet fruits standing in the sunLencio. R Phemo Matlhabe is an award winning visual artist based in the Johannesburg…

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Thurlo Adams
Thurlo Adams

Thurlo Adams

Thurlo Adams was born in Cape Town, South Africa in 1984. Having grown-up in a colourful and diverse society set along the ocean and with…

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Jürgen Dünhofen
Jurgen Dunhofen

Jürgen Dünhofen

My work regards the act of pausing and observing the world through installations as indicative of the struggle of focusing on the ‘here and now’.The…

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