3 reasons to invest in art by emerging artists
Invest in art from emerging artists

3 reasons to invest in art by emerging artists

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Have you ever wondered about whether to invest in art by emerging artists in South Africa? Why would you invest in emerging artists? Or better still, why should you invest in emerging artists?

Here are 3 reasons that we think will interest you.

Emerging artists are establishing themselves

Established artists were once emerging artists at a point in their career. Art by successful established artists now trade for thousands of dollars in the primary and secondary art markets and given the right climate, can grow exponentially.

Gods of no man
Badimo ba ope (Gods of no man)

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An idea, theme, or subject that an emerging artist lands on could be their claim to fame, the imagery that they become known for. A balance between self-realisation, mastering a technique and being a storyteller with stories relevant to our times, helps produce cutting edge work. During this maturation process, a healthy quantity of work is produced. This often means that the emerging artist will have high-quality art available as their production rate is so high. High production, good quality, and affordable prices equal the perfect time to invest.

After all, emerging artists are breaking the moulds of already established ideas and seeking new ways to express themselves.

Innovation and relevance are important

There are different ways to become an artist. Some artists train at art school and some are self-taught. Some are journalists who have found an alternative way to access people and have timely and important discussions, and some are designers that want to offer personal touches on industry standards.

Artists and artworks pop up in different ways. A little exposure goes a long way, and in today’s world the online space offers more ways for investors to find artists that they connect with.

Reacclimate 6
Reacclimate 6

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No matter which channel or road an artist takes, innovation and relevance are important. An artwork could have a personal relevance to an investor. An artwork may stand clearly for an ideal that one supports or offer a fresh insight that one has never even thought about.

Art can be enlightening and passionate. Art can also be subtle and comforting. Invest in art that is relevant to you.

Art can spark joy

Invest in artworks that you connect with. This may be the most important reason to invest in emerging artists’ art.

Much like other financial markets, the art market may fluctuate. Having an investment grow is important. This type of investment is a special one as you will be spending a lot of time with it. It will be the centre of discussions with friends and you may stare deeply at it when in thought.

Monsieur Panda
Monsieur Panda

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Invest in an artwork because you like it, and you are drawn to it. Invest in an art piece because you find beauty in it.

Make a connection with the art and the artist and enjoy the dialogue.

– Bluewall Reporter