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Art speaks to us in different ways. 

Art can liven up a room.

Sometimes you just really enjoy the piece; it lights a spark inside of you.

What we do

We provide a platform for artists to showcase selected works to sell. We act as an agent and create a space for discussion and negotiation to find the best deal for both the artist and you.

The artists

Well established and up-and-coming artists are individually selected to ensure the highest quality art for collectors and art-lovers alike.

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We don’t believe that art should be bought purely based on price. We do however understand that everyone has a budget and we’re happy to discuss any piece that you’re interested in and see if we can make it yours. Find the piece you like and contact us or read our FAQ for more info.


Invest in art from emerging artists

Invest in art from emerging artists

Have you ever wondered about whether to invest in art by emerging artists in South Africa? Why would you invest in emerging artists? Or better still, why should you invest in emerging artists? Here are 3 reasons that we think will interest you.

Phemo Matlhabe

Phemo Matlhabe

Phemo is an award winning visual artist based in the Johannesburg metropolitan area. His artworks are collected by a number of Institutions such as Absa, Old Mutual, Klerksdorp museum, Bag factory art studios, University of Johannesburg etc.

Jurgen Dunhofen Art

Jurgen Dunhofen shares about art

Art has always been a way for me to communicate. It’s a way of conveying my underlying thoughts, and through expressing my ideas and emotions I feel a sense of catharsis and resolution.​